Mutant Tools

Modular Rigging System

Modular Rigging System


Industry Standard Body Rig for Humans, Realistic or Cartoony. IK-FK, Hibryd Spine, RFL… you know all that juice! Need 4 arms? Just create them, need to parent to other parts? Just do it! It’s easy and customizable, super fun! 


Hybrid Joints and Blendshape full  Modular Facial Rig.  Super expressive with 3 Layers of deformations, from General to Tweek! (Insert any emoji you want here and yes we can make that expresion! )


Creating props can be super slow sometimes, so we have a bunch of tools to automate the creation, so it can be as fast as possible while maintaining all the amazing quality the studio is looking for.


Just a bunch of clothing systems that animators can use to get complex shapes working and add that realistic layer to our games or movies! 


Same as the body description above but for cute cats or ugly creatures.  Rigging quadruplets can be intimidating but with these tools is super easy!

Other Stuff

Just some useful blocks, lock geos, rename, do custom codes, this, that, whatever we need that we need another category to put stuff in basically. 

Enough text, lets take a look on how it works!

Rigging Should be easy!

1-2-3 Rig is Done!

Just focus on the deformations and we will take care of your complex systems that nobody really understands! Move stuff from modeling to animation in no time! Just import preset, build, skin, and send! (Disclaimer… if you need to create a complex thing you may need to create your own preset instead of importing one… but DONT WORRY! It’s also EZ AF! 

Tools, Helpers & More

Make the process as easy as possible!

As a rigging developer that was a rigging artist my main goal in life is to rig the less and deliver the most! Working with the Maya tools alone is just impossible so let’s just make a lot of tools to help before and after the build of the rig! I’m showing only these 2 UI but trust me… we have more! I just didn’t open everything since nobody is actually reading this description and I needed something to show! 

Are you a nerd like me and knows how to code?
Lets dig into the undocumented repo!

					import Mutant_Tools
import Mutant_Tools.Utils.Rigging
from Mutant_Tools.Utils.Rigging import main_mutant

mt = main_mutant.Mutant()
Framework around each tool!

mt.commands are here to help you!

From Custom UI to simple cmds wrappers we have you covered code wise! Maybe the code is not the cleanest but it was made with love! I promise we have a lot of useful snippets ready for you! 

Want a new UI? Just use Main Window UI with QT Designer and the common stylesheet… everything will look the same, amazing and beautiful! (And it’s super easy to make since we inherit all the fancy stuff)