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Modular Rigging System

Modular Rigging System (MRS)


Industry Standard Body Rig for Humans, Realistic or Cartoony. IK-FK, Hibryd Spine, RFL… you know all that basic $h13T! Need 4 arms? just create them, need to parent to other parts? Just do it! Its ez and customizable


Hybrid Joints and Blendshape full  Modular Facial Rig.  Super expressive with 3 Layers of deformations, from General to Tweek! (Insert any emoji you want here and yes we can make that expresion! )


Creating props can be super slow sometimes, so we have a bunch of tools to automate the creation, so it can be as fast as possible while maintaining all the amazing quality the studio is looking for.


Just a bunch of clothing systems that animators can use to get some nice and juicy follow-through and overlapping action! (Or fix our ugly deformations D:)


Same as the body description above but for cute cats or ugly creatures.  Rigging quadruplets can be intimidating but with these tools is EZ AF! (Joking is still hard but we give you some help!)

Other Stuff

Just some useful blocks, lock geos, rename, do custom codes, this, that, whatever we need that we need another category to put stuff in basicly. 

Enough text, lets take a look on how it works!

Rigging Should be easy!

1-2-3 Rig is Done!

Just focus on the deformations and we will take care of your complex systems that nobody really understands! Move stuff from modeling to animation in no time! Just import preset, build, skin, and send! (Disclaimer… if you need to create a complex thing you may need to create your own preset instead of importing one… but DONT WORRY! It’s also EZ AF! 

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