How to build a new block?

					import Mutant_Tools
from Mutant_Tools.UI.BlockBuilder import load_blockBuilder
    import importlib;from importlib import reload
    import imp;from imp import reload


BlockBuilder = load_blockBuilder.BlockBuilder()

It’s actually pretty simple, just fill in the name, description, and icon…

The icon needs to be on the Icons FOlder in the Mutant Tools folder

Select the desire tab for the block to be

The attrs needs to be without spaces, and can only contain 1 _ to the desired type… let’s say _string, _enum, _float, _bool… If Set in word + _string will create a set button on the UI

Simple will give you a simple preset and L R will wive you a mirror preset, feel free to delete the preset and build your own. 

The Builder works like this: Select block on the outliner and then build so for the build command you have the certain that the block is selected from there you can get the guides and the attrs on the config node that get created on the build of the block itself.


I recommend looking at blocks and JSON files for more details on how something is built.