Biped Tutorial

In this section we will learn the basics on rigging a biped… Nothing Fancy but you will need to know this since is the start of any autorigger

Face Tutorial

Rigging Faces usually is a pain in the ass but with mutant is pretty simple. Lets start with modular faces here! 

Animal Tutorial

Rigging Animals or Creatures can be hard, we do have some usefull block to make it simpler! 

Props Tutorial

Well I wasnt sure to make this since its not that hard but the layout of the page looks nicer and its a diferent way of working so lets just learng it ok! 

Zombinator Tutorial

Need rigs fast? Doesnt have time to do everything manually? And have like 1000$ for a Wrap3D License? Come See this one! 

Game/Crowd Tutorial

Well… TBH i never develop around games in mind so this is just a extra step to convert the Mutant Rig into a Games or Crowds System