Rigging Assets such as Frank, Gum, etc. Half the season rigs were done with Mutant Tools. 

Riggers: Carlos Carvajal, Gaston Aguilar, Alejandro Enriques, Cesar Gallo, Jean Jimenez, Max Chacon.

Creature Rigs were created with Mutant Tools by Riggers: Luis Motta, Brisa Pinotti, Sebastian Cisneros, Alejandra Loaiza, and Ricardo Quiros.


Sandwich rig was created using a combination of Mutant Base Tools and Manual Work on custom parts

All Rigs are Mutant Tools, 100% rebuildable to match other insects with same template but with some python block tweeks

All rigs are Mutant Builds with extra manual tweaks for correctives or custom complex systems. 

Rebuildable Chameleon Rigs made with Mutant + custom python blocks. 

Music Videos

Astronaut Rig, simple Biped using an early version of the tool